What to Do BEFORE You Buy a Home In The Bay Area Market


The state of our economy has many people wondering how to buy a house in the Bay Area and throughout CA. The decision to buy isn’t one to be taken lightly; especially when you consider that this will be one of your largest financial investments. As you begin your search for a home, how can […]

How to Find a Good Bay Area Lender


Finding a good Bay Area mortgage lender makes the entire home buying experience more enjoyable, less stressful, and far less likely to end up in disaster. However, the big questions is, “How do you actually FIND a good mortgage lender?” Like all professions, there are good lenders, lousy lenders, and many so-so lenders in between […]

3 Step To Take If Your Bay Area Loan Is Denied


Have you been declined for a mortgage in the San Francisco Bay Area? While you might feel that buying a home is out of reach, getting a second opinion could tell you otherwise. There are ways to turn a rejection into an approval, but you need to understand the process and the right questions to […]

Preparing Bay Area Homes for Fall & Winter


San Francisco, though not a city that is often associated with snowfalls and frigidly cold temperatures, is known for its colder/rainy months, usually beginning in December. At this of year, you can see 70 degrees or you can see 40 degrees. You will see sun/fog/rain/wind and more. While it may not be necessary to perform […]