About Karen

A close friend and business associate once told me “Karen your boxes don’t have lines or boundaries like everyone else”. That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? What she witnessed was my ability to find creative solutions where clients were rejected for loans at other companies because they didn’t fit into any particular loan “box”. This is a common problem that I continually overcome for my clients.

During the credit crisis of 2007-2009, the market turned on nearly half of my customers and also on me. I have more empathy for the client as I truly know what it is like and have lived it. Regardless of your situation, working for you to close your loan is NOT order taking. Very few loans applications that are submitted are “ideal” and process without extensive evaluation and expert analysis. Don’t make assumptions about what you do, or don’t qualify for, and how your credit score affects your loan. LoanStar offers nearly every loan product on the market today, which means I have more tools to establish creative solutions for you and your family! If you have been told “NO” by a bank, the answer really may be “YES”.

From the beginning, I have always been the one who got the deal done! My clients tell me past experiences of loan officers not calling back because they don’t have answers.
I take great pride in staying in close contact with my clients. I was “adopted” by my real estate community at the age of 22, right out of college, because I returned the calls and followed through as I promised. This is why I enjoy the benefits of lifelong customers and now establish loans for the next generation of home buyers- their children.

What I like best about serving my customers is that I get to help them achieve their dreams of home ownership and the pride in ownership. Developing trusting relationships, my clients often confide in me about other important issues with financial impacts which include saving money for college, going through a divorce, remodeling their home, buying a rental property, and even getting a child through rehab! I hear it all and will make the best loan recommendations to accommodate your lifestyle and finances. There is no “one answer” for customer; option are key.

Banking became an obvious choice for me after I graduated Santa Clara University with a Marketing and Finance degree in 1984. I first applied my creativity in fashion design with plans to be a buyer in New York for Macys. What I discovered is that creativity is better served working directly with people and far more rewarding.

In my personal life I love to be outside, biking, hiking, in the yard and indoor cooking and creating something. I have owned and remodeled many homes (15+), and love that end too! Growing up, my father was a developer (single family homes) and all during my childhood, I remember having to go look at housing developments together and help on site. He put his girls to work!

Whatever path is necessary for you, whether short term or long, you will receive my expert guidance. I’m completely committed to your best interest. Whether you are a first time home buyer looking for government loans with little down, seeking a jumbo loan, refinancing or downsizing, let’s walk a new path to home financing together and discover all available options!

Please navigate my website to learn more about me, what my team can do for you, and how easy it is to get started.

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