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LoanStar Home Lending is a growing mortgage bank based in Portland, Oregon, founded by an experienced leadership team and supported by dedicated employees.

LoanStar has branch offices throughout the Western U.S. and islicensed in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Colorado, Utah,Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.


Credit Do's and Don'ts

Get prepared to apply for a mortgage loan.

Loan preparation is the most important step to prepare for the loan application process. Underwriting is the last stop for loan approval and due diligence requires they identify any recent changes in your finances, spending habits, and alterations to your credit or bank accounts. Any one of these issues can raise a red flag and extend the loan process. Plan ahead and follow the guidelines below. Consultwithacreditadvisorfirstinordertohavethehighest possible credit score. This will affect the interest rate of your loan.


Home Purchase Loan Process

The Mortgage Process

In This Document:

  • Application Consultation with the Loan Officer
  • Obtain Information and Documentation
  • Receive Pre-Approval'
  • And More


Quick Reference Guide for Derogatory Waiting Periods 


In This Document:

  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or 11
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13
  • Multiple Bankruptcies
  • Including Parameters for FHA, VA and USDA Mortgage Programs
  • And More


It is not only important that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when navigating the mortgage loan process, we also believe it is important to have resources at your disposal that can save you time and money!

We have hand selected many resources that will help you during and after your purchase. We always welcome your suggestions so if you have a resource you think we should add, please send us a message by clicking “Contact Us” with the domain name and we will be happy to review that resource.

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