Jumbo Mortgage

A jumbo loan, or a jumbo mortgage as it is sometimes referred to, is a mortgage that is larger than the conventional FNMA loan limits. It is a type of loan that makes it possible to purchase the high-priced home, where borrowers need larger mortgages.

Many people do not realize that there are lending limits across the United States, often varying from state to state; and within the states, from County to County.

Karen Cimera - Jumbo Mortgage

All conforming loan limits are established by regulation, and for the majority of US states and counties, they are $417,000. The Santa Clara, San Mateo, Contra Costa, and other Northern California Counties (called “high cost areas), have a higher limit at $625,500. A jumbo mortgage is considered a loan amount that is higher than these limits. (If you are in other Counties please check to see what your lending limit may be).

Knowledgeable, Efficient, Professional

Repeat business speaks volumes about a service provider in a crowded market segment. This is now the third time in 10 years we have worked with Karen Cimera as a loan broker for our real estate transactions. The first time was a purchase, the second time was to refi two loans on two separate properties. The third time was for a purchase. Each set of transactions have been incredibly well handled with speed, efficiency and unsurpassed professionalism. Karen got good deals on all the loans as well! I have recommended Karen to friends and family without hesitation and with full confidence.


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